China factory CHINAMFG 80A Flexible Machinery Spare Parts Rubber Universal Coupling universal coupling

Product Description

Product Decription
Description :
Place of CHINAMFG : HangZhou ,  China (Mainland)
Brand Name :  YNF
Model :  80A
Material : Rubber & Steel
Color : Black
Apply to : Excavator or Digger
Packaging & Delivery : 

Packaging Details:  Paper box packing per piece and 40pcs into 1 carton
Delivery Detail:  Within 3 workingdays after payment

Shaft  Coupling Part number
333/P1949 331/65844 826/01308 215/14969 331/31977 229/01287 229/01283 580/01200
333/P2207 1316/4018Z 332/L6977 229/01117 331/31978 KNJ1822 229/00606 JSJ0042
333/P8210 1420/0014Z KRJ1588 334/P0780 331/35462 JRJ0148 1315/0305Z KHH0040
333/P2156 1370/ 0571 Z 331/34370 1316/5715Z 331/35464 1316/0405Z 1420/0007Z KHH0137
1316/3714Z 332/P7314 1316/0405Z 1420/0006Z KRA571 JHP0046 580/01200 1315/5713Z
1425/0011Z 332/P9925 1316/5713Z 1316/0507Z 1316/571D KNJ0381 JSJ0042 1316/3716Z
3.11526E+13 980/84731 KRN1482 1420/0009Z JHP0042 CSP0161 KHH0040 1420/0005Z
215/14453 332/P7284 1370/0301Z 1371/0401Z 1406/0571 KRJ3457 KHH0137 816/80012
335/13521 229/00960 332/P2127 1370/0301Z 816/80012 KRJ2246 1315/5713Z 1406/0571
215/14455 980/84757 332/P2108 1420/0008D KHH0040 KRJ3836 1316/3716Z 333/J9738
335/13523 332/P7251 332/P2107 334/P1341 KHH0137 JHH0119 1420/0005Z 332/F8215
333/P7952 229/00590 332/P2983 1316/0405Z 1316/3716Z 1316/0408Z 229/01282 332/P5571
333/P7968 980/84756 JLP0145 333/J3188 JSJ0042 KHH0040 816/80012 229/01282
980/84768 333/P7952 1420/0008Z 1317/3309Z 229/01283 KHH0137 1406/0571 229/01110
980/84767 980/84767 229/01752 1370/5711Z 331/33064 1316/3716Z 332/K1645 1370/0001Z
980/84731 980/84768 KRN0363 JLP0145 332/F8215 JSJ0042 333/J2937 1420/0005Z
980/84756 333/P7968 1420/0006Z 229/01752 701/45501 KRJ4608 332/F8215 826/11245
331/65674 229/57154 KHN1395 1420/0008Z JRH0083 816/80012 332/P5571 331/34453
331/65844 229/57156 332/K7295 JHP0080 580/01200 1406/0571 332/J3265 1316/0507Z
1316/4018Z 229/57158 332/K7719 334/L1393 1315/5713Z 32/925692 580/01200 1420/0009Z
1420/0014Z 229/57157 332/K7721 229/01719 1420/0005Z KRJ3461 JSJ0042 826/11245
1370/ 0571 Z KRB0682 JHP0042 229/01720 1425/0005Z KRJ3463 KHH0040 904/25713
215/14454 1316/0505Z 1316/3515D 229/57176 716/30142 KHJ571 KHH0137 904/25714
335/13522 1425/0009Z 1316/0508Z 229/01716 333/J2937 1316/5713Z 1315/5713Z 904/25719
333/P7952 JHN0048 1420/0009D 229/01717 229/00605 1425/0006Z 1316/3716Z 904/25710
333/P7968 1316/0509Z JRB0113 229/01718 332/P5571 32/925359 1420/0005Z 229/01152
980/84768 JHP0042 1315/0509Z 229/01718 229/00606 JHH0082 229/01282 229/01153
980/84767 1420/0008Z JHP0049 229/01721 1420/0007Z 1406/571 816/80012 335/08041
980/84757 331/43566 1316/0405Z KHN1398 1315/0305Z JHP0134 1406/0571 1411/0005Z
331/65674 332/P5474 1420/0008Z 1316/0405Z 332/F8215 332/P5571 333/J2937 1316/05072

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universal coupling

Are there Maintenance Requirements for Universal Couplings to Ensure Longevity?

Yes, like any mechanical component, universal couplings require regular maintenance to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Proper maintenance practices can help prevent premature wear, reduce the risk of failure, and extend the service life of the coupling. Here are some essential maintenance requirements for universal couplings:

  • Lubrication: Universal couplings consist of moving parts, such as bearings and cross journals, which require proper lubrication. Regularly lubricating the coupling helps reduce friction, wear, and heat generation. The type and amount of lubrication needed depend on the coupling’s design and the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Inspection: Regular visual inspections should be performed to check for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. Look for any abnormal vibrations, noise, or leakage. If any issues are detected, they should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Torque Checks: It is essential to periodically check the torque of the coupling’s fasteners, such as bolts and nuts, to ensure they are properly tightened. Loose fasteners can lead to misalignment and coupling failure.
  • Alignment: If the coupling is used in an application where misalignment is common, such as automotive drivetrains, it is crucial to check and adjust the alignment regularly. Proper alignment helps prevent excessive stress on the coupling and other connected components.
  • Replacement of Worn Parts: Over time, certain parts of the universal coupling, such as bearings and seals, may wear out and need replacement. Following the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals and using genuine replacement parts is essential to maintain the coupling’s reliability.

It is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and recommendations specific to the universal coupling model and application. Regular maintenance not only ensures the longevity of the coupling but also contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of the machinery or system in which it is used.

universal coupling

Can a Universal Coupling Reduce Vibration and Noise in Mechanical Systems?

Yes, a universal coupling can help reduce vibration and noise in mechanical systems, especially in applications where misalignment is a concern. Universal couplings are designed to accommodate angular misalignment between shafts, which can arise due to various factors such as manufacturing tolerances, thermal expansion, or dynamic forces.

When shaft misalignment occurs in a mechanical system, it can lead to vibration and noise during operation. This is because misaligned shafts cause uneven distribution of forces and result in increased stresses on bearings, shafts, and other connected components. The resulting vibration and noise can be detrimental to the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of the machinery.

By using a universal coupling, the coupling’s design allows it to compensate for angular misalignment and minimize the transmission of misalignment-induced vibrations to the connected equipment. The flexibility of the universal coupling allows it to handle moderate angular misalignments while transmitting torque smoothly between shafts. This reduces the stresses on the connected components and mitigates the vibration and noise levels.

However, it is important to note that while universal couplings can help reduce vibration and noise caused by angular misalignment, they may not address other sources of vibration and noise in the system. For example, if the vibration is primarily caused by unbalanced rotating parts, worn bearings, or other factors unrelated to misalignment, a universal coupling alone may not be sufficient to eliminate the issue.

Overall, when selecting a universal coupling for a specific application, it is essential to consider the level of misalignment it can handle, the type of vibration and noise issues present, and whether additional measures are required to address other sources of vibration and noise in the mechanical system.

universal coupling

What is a Universal Coupling and Where is it Used in Mechanical Systems?

A universal coupling, also known as a universal joint or U-joint, is a mechanical device used to connect two shafts that are not in a straight line and allow them to rotate at different angles to each other. It is a type of coupling that provides flexibility and compensates for misalignment between shafts, making it ideal for transmitting torque in applications where shafts are not perfectly aligned.

The universal coupling consists of two yoke-like shaft ends connected by a cross-shaped intermediate component. Each yoke end is attached to one of the shafts, and the cross-shaped component allows the two shafts to rotate independently while maintaining rotational power transmission.

The universal coupling is widely used in various mechanical systems and applications, including:

  • Automotive Drivetrains: Universal couplings are commonly used in automotive drivetrains to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. They allow the driveshaft to accommodate changes in angle and distance between the engine, transmission, and wheels.
  • Industrial Machinery: In industrial machinery, universal couplings are used to connect shafts in equipment such as pumps, compressors, gearboxes, and conveyors. They enable smooth power transmission even when the shafts are misaligned due to installation tolerances or operational conditions.
  • Marine Applications: Universal couplings are used in marine propulsion systems to connect the engine to the propeller shaft. They can accommodate the movement of the ship’s hull and allow the propeller to rotate at different angles to the engine.
  • Aerospace: Universal couplings are used in aerospace applications to transmit torque between non-aligned shafts, such as in aircraft control systems.
  • Steering Mechanisms: Universal couplings are employed in steering systems of vehicles and machinery to transfer motion from the steering wheel to the steering linkage, allowing for changes in angles during turning.

Overall, universal couplings are essential components in many mechanical systems where misalignment and flexibility are a concern. They facilitate smooth power transmission, reduce vibration, and extend the life of the connected equipment by absorbing shocks and compensating for misalignment.

China factory CHINAMFG 80A Flexible Machinery Spare Parts Rubber Universal Coupling  universal couplingChina factory CHINAMFG 80A Flexible Machinery Spare Parts Rubber Universal Coupling  universal coupling
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