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Product Description


Product Description

Hengsen Copper Fittings Straight Coupling for Refrigeration System
Product Features:
With large production scale and short production cycle, CHINAMFG red copper products can solve customers’ problems as soon as possible.
Professional team and professional operation, for each step of the production of products are responsible for a special person to ensure the quality of products.

As a fitting for pipe connection, it can withstand corrosion of a variety of fluids.Often used in the refrigeration industry.
Competitive Advantage
1.In Line With International Standards
2.Every Product Has Been Inspected for Quality
3.Suitable for Pipe Connection and Refrigeration
4.Production Line, Every Product is Guaranteed Quality and Quantity

Quick Detail
Packing:Plastic Bag+Carton
Pressure:High Pressure
Service:Customized OEM CNC Machining
Keyword:Mechanical Couplings
Feature:High Strength
Thickness:Customized Thickness


Product Parameters

Order No. Model No. Dimension(mm)(mm)
D L L1 R Material thickness
43540 S-6 6.05 16 6 1.0 0.9
43541 S-6.35 6.4 16 6 0.9 0.75
43542 S-8 8.05 17 7 0.9 0.9
43543 S-9.52 9.58 20 8 1.0 0.9
43544 S-10 10.05 20 8 1.0 0.9
43545 S-12 12.05 21 9 1.0 0.9
43546 S-12.7 12.75 21 10 1.0 0.9
43547 S-15 15.07 25 11 1.0 0.9
43548 S-15.88 15.95 27 12 1.0 0.9
43549 S-16 16.07 27 12 1.0 0.9
43550 S-19 19.10 30 13 1.0 0.9
43551 S-22 22.1 34 15 1.0 1
43552 S-22.23 22.33 34 15 1.0 1
43553 S-25 25.1 38 17 1.0 1
43554 S-25.4 25.5 38 17 1.0 1
43555 S-28 28.10 42 19 1.0 1
43556 S-28.6 28.70 42 19 1.0 1
43557 S-32 32.10 47 21 1.2 1.3
43558 S-35 35.10 49 22 1.2 1.3
43559 S-38 38.10 50 23 1.2 1.4
43560 S-41.3 41.40 54 25 1.2 1.4
43561 S-42 42.10 55 25 1.2 1.4
43562 S-44 44.10 58 26 4.4 1.4
43563 S-45 45.10 58 26 1.4 1.5
43564 S-50 50.15 60 28 1.4 1.7
43565 S-54 54.15 66 30 1.4 1.8
43566 S-55 55.15 66 30 1.4 1.7
43567 S-60 60.15 70 32 1.4 1.7
43568 S-66.7 66.85 76 35 1.5 1.7
43569 S-67 67.15 76 35 1.5 1.7
43570 S-70 70.15 79 36 1.5 1.9
43571 S-76 76.20 84 38 1.4 1.8
43572 S-79.4 79.45 86 40 1.5 2
43573 S-80 80.20 88 40 1.6 2.2
43574 S-85 85.20 90 42 1.6 2.2
43575 S-89 89.20 94 44 1.7 2.3
43576 S-92 92.20 98 45 1.7 2.3
43577 S-105 105.30 107 50 1.7 2.4
43578 S-108 108.30 112 50 1.7 2.4
43579 S-133 133.60 127 58 2.0 3
43580 S-159 159.70 146 66 2.5 4

Company Profile

ZHangZhoug CHINAMFG Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of HVAC controls products, Pipe fittings and Refrigeration fittings.
Hengsen is located in the Yangtze River CHINAMFG region, with good geographical and economic advantages.

Our team
Through the in-depth implementation of technical standards strategy, Hengsen accelerated the process of transformation and upgrading.
Up to now, CHINAMFG has 5 subsidiaries, covering a total area of more than 80,000 square meters, with more than 500 employees and more than 100 professional technicians

Why Us










Q1:What is the protocol for requesting a manufacturing quote from Hengsen?
A1: A simply call or write to us with your purchase request.
Q2:Can I get some samples ?
A2:Yes, we can provide samples( for free). Please contact and send us your address.

Q3:Will there be company website?
A3:Yes.Please log on to hengsen01
Q4:How are orders packed and shipped ?
A4:We have two kinds of packing, 1 with our brand and 1 without anything. If requires, we can match your brand. Most shipments include boxes packed inside an outer carton and placed on a wooden pallet.
Q5:What are your quality control procedures?
A5: CHINAMFG insists on strict quality control procedures that begin with product design and carry through to the end of the production process using state-of -the-art quality control equipment .And we have a national laboratory to ensure the quality of every product.
Q6:Where is your company located? How can I get there?
A6:Our company is located at CHINAMFG industrial zone in HangZhou, ZHangZhoug province. You can contact us before you come. All our clients, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us.

Q7:Do CHINAMFG products come with a warranty ?
A7:Yes. We are 100% responsible for our products and provide one years’ after-sale guarantee.At the same time, for your feedback, we will arrange a person responsible for your rights and interests at the first time .

Q8: How long can I get the products?
A8:It depends on the quantity and your address.Please contact us and check it.

Q9:How are the products manufactured?
A9:Not only do we ensure strict quality standard , we attach personnel in all manufacturing progresses.

Q10:How are the payments terms like?
A10:Our usual payment terms are T/T, VISA and Online Bank Payment. Please advise if you require other payment methods.



universal coupling

Can a Universal Coupling Be Used to Connect Shafts of Different Sizes or Types?

Yes, one of the key advantages of a universal coupling is its ability to connect shafts of different sizes or types. Universal couplings are designed to accommodate misalignment between shafts, including angular, parallel, and axial misalignment.

The design of the universal coupling allows it to transmit torque and rotation between two shafts that are not perfectly aligned. This feature is particularly beneficial in situations where precise alignment is challenging or not possible due to equipment design, manufacturing tolerances, or operating conditions.

The universal coupling consists of two jointed forks, each connected to one of the shafts. The forks are connected by a cross-shaped component called the spider or cross assembly. The spider allows for the transfer of torque while allowing the shafts to move independently of each other to a certain degree.

The ability to accommodate misalignment makes universal couplings suitable for various applications, including automotive steering systems, industrial machinery, pumps, and marine equipment. Whether the shafts have different sizes or types, the universal coupling provides a flexible connection that helps minimize stress on the shafts and other connected components.

universal coupling

How do you select the right half coupling material based on the fluid or gas being conveyed?

When choosing the right half coupling material for a specific fluid or gas conveyance application, several factors need to be considered. The material selection is critical to ensure compatibility with the conveyed substance, prevent corrosion, and maintain the overall integrity of the coupling. Here are the steps to help select the appropriate half coupling material:

1. Identify the Conveyed Fluid or Gas: Determine the type of fluid or gas that will flow through the system. Consider factors such as the chemical composition, temperature, pressure, and whether it is corrosive or abrasive.

2. Check Material Compatibility: Ensure that the material of the half coupling is compatible with the conveyed substance. Some fluids or gases may react with certain materials, leading to corrosion or contamination. For example, corrosive chemicals may require corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel.

3. Consider Temperature and Pressure: High temperatures and pressures can affect the mechanical properties of the coupling material. Ensure that the selected material can withstand the operating conditions without compromising its structural integrity.

4. Corrosion Resistance: If the conveyed substance is corrosive, select a material that offers high corrosion resistance. Stainless steel, for instance, is known for its excellent corrosion resistance properties.

5. Abrasion Resistance: For applications involving abrasive fluids or gases, choose a material that can withstand wear and erosion. Hardened materials or those with protective coatings may be suitable.

6. Compliance with Standards: Consider whether there are specific industry standards or regulations that dictate the choice of material for certain applications. Ensure that the selected material meets these standards, especially in critical industries like food, pharmaceuticals, or petrochemicals.

7. Budget and Availability: Take into account the cost of the material and its availability. Some specialized materials may be more expensive or harder to obtain, so it’s essential to balance performance requirements with budget constraints.

8. Seek Expert Advice: If unsure about the best material choice, consult with coupling manufacturers or industry experts who can provide guidance based on the specific application requirements.

By carefully considering the conveyed fluid or gas, the operating conditions, and the material properties, it is possible to select the right half coupling material that ensures reliable and safe conveyance in the system.

universal coupling

Advantages of Using a Universal Coupling in a Drive System

A universal coupling, also known as a universal joint or U-joint, offers several advantages when used in a drive system:

  • Flexibility: Universal couplings can transmit torque and rotation between shafts that are not in a straight line and have angular misalignment. This flexibility allows for easier design and installation of the drive system, especially in applications where the shafts are not perfectly aligned.
  • Angular Misalignment Compensation: The universal joint can handle angular misalignment between the connected shafts, making it suitable for applications where the shafts are at different angles to each other. This feature helps reduce stress on the shafts and bearings, leading to extended component life.
  • Smooth Power Transmission: The double universal joint, also known as the double Cardan joint, can reduce the angular variation between the input and output shafts, resulting in smoother power transmission and reduced vibration in certain applications.
  • Constant Velocity: The constant velocity joint (CV joint) maintains a constant velocity ratio between the input and output shafts. This is particularly important in automotive drive shafts, especially in front-wheel-drive vehicles, where the drive shafts must adjust to changing angles as the wheels turn. The constant velocity feature provides a smoother ride and reduces vibration.
  • Compact Design: Universal couplings have a relatively simple design, which allows for a compact and lightweight construction. This is advantageous in applications where space and weight are critical factors.
  • Cost-Effective: Universal couplings are cost-effective compared to some other types of couplings, making them a popular choice for various mechanical systems.
  • Reliability: When properly lubricated and maintained, universal couplings can provide reliable and efficient power transmission for a long service life.
  • Versatility: Universal couplings are versatile and find applications in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial machinery, and power transmission systems.

In conclusion, the universal coupling’s ability to handle misalignment and provide flexibility in power transmission makes it a valuable component in many drive systems. Its advantages in compensating for angular misalignment, ensuring smooth power transmission, and offering a cost-effective and reliable solution have contributed to its widespread use in different mechanical applications.

China manufacturer Pipe Fittings Universal Copper Straight Coupling  universal couplingChina manufacturer Pipe Fittings Universal Copper Straight Coupling  universal coupling
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